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Our interview with the one and only RAFEEQ :

1.   Please introduce yourself and state what part of Africa you are from?

Hello My Name Is Rafeeq Jameel Abdulhadi I am of mixed race with eritrean decent. I’m from Philadelphia, Pa

2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

The three words I would use to describe myself are, Funny,Outgoing, Down to earth 

3.Tell us five random facts about you?

I am actually a triplet, I was born a quadruplet but one died during birth, I am the shortest out of all my brothers lol, my favorite color is green, I’m a pretty good speller.

4. What is one item that you cannot live without?

My camera

5. We noticed that you are very into photography, at what age did your interest in photography begin?

I begin doing photography at the age of 15, I was a sophomore in high school I would take pictures of people and buildings, so a lot of my classmates would always tell me about my work and how much of a talent I had, they said that I should start photography ass a hobby, so I sorta fell it.

6.  Do you have a photography website for our followers to see more of your work?

Yes I do actually but it is currently under construction, most of my work is all scattered on different websites lol I have facebook which reveals a good amount of my work, and flikr.

7. Have you ever been to Eritrea? If yes how was it and if not, would you like to go someday?

No I actually haven’t.

8. If you wanted to tell a non African about Africa, what is one thing that you would say about Africa?

Africa is beautiful.

9. What is your views on how the media portrays Africa as a whole?

I personally think people look at africans as just one predominate structure when really there is so much more then what it appears to be. 

10. Many of our followers admire you and your beauty, what do you have to say to our lady followers?

I love all the support that they show me, thank you very much for the support honestly i love yall lol

11. Describe your perfect day?

A perfect day for me would definitely be to hang out and have a god time with my loved one…on a nice sunny day and were all just laughing taking pictures and just having a good time. 

12. What do you think about our blog fckyeahprettyafricans?

I love it, it’s very accurate and well put together, GREAT BLOG and shows soooo much support thumbs and kudos to this blog haha

13. Where can our followers get more information about you such as your social network websites/blogs?

You can follow me  On Instagram @RafeeqJ, My Twitter Is Also @Rafeeqj I Use RafeeqJ For A Lot Of My Social Sites It’s Simple and well it’s my name lol Rafeeq Jameel Abdulhadi 

Kik: RafeeqJ

Instagram: @RafeeqJ

Twitter: @RafeeqJ

Facebook: Rafeeq Abdulhadi (I have two facebooks one was actually hacked so I no no longer use it, though it has must of my work on it just add both account in case you get confused)

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